One Big Blur

Go Go Zach
Go Go Zach

“Life’s been just one big blur since Zach missed out on winning Big Brother”, I said to a friend yesterday, when they asked how I was. Of course I was joking, but I was nonetheless disappointed that Zach just missed out on winning BB, as he was my favourite character this year. And of course, as late as Monday night, Google was reporting my site as the #1 site for the phrase “Go Zach”.

That said, I also really liked the wild, whacky bogan from Perth, Michelle. I mean, I think she would have driven me to drink, had I lived in the same house as her, but I still liked her. And maybe the reason why was that she was similar, both physically and in personality, to a good friend of mine. “Hey have you been watching BB? There’s a woman on there who reminds me of you”, I said to my friend, to which she replied, “No way, how can you say that? Yeah, well, maybe just a bit”.

The BB finale was the highlight of my Monday night, possibly because it took up most of Monday night due to the delayed result.

The last few evenings have included a work-related dinner at a terrific restaurant called Ottomans at Dawes Point (great food, great location), a visit to the Lewisham Hotel last night, and tonight has just been a night at home watching television.

The next week is nowhere near as busy as the last one. There’s yum cha on Sunday, a couple of exhibitiony-arty things. I think the highlight will be going to Helpmann Awards on Monday night.

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  1. Hi Brechi, nice to meet you – my first American poster. “Yum cha” is the phrase mostly used in Australia to describe “dim sum”. Chinatown in Sydney is mostly Cantonese and I think it’s a cantonese term.

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