Sydney Design

I went to the Powerhouse Museum last night for the launch of this year’s Sydney Design Festival and had a really great time. As you might expect at a Design Festival Launch, there were many photographic opportunities, including the chance to photograph the woman featuring in the publicity alongside some of the publicity material.

There were also opportunities for people to get hair and makeup done, with a disturbing number choosing to have theirs done in the style of a 1980s New Romantic. Given the age of some people doing this, I suspect it was less retro, and more remembrance.

Even the food and waiters looked well designed. There was one, a guy from Lithuania with designer hair. He told us he was in Australia for 5 months (maybe longer) to improve his English. All I can say is thank goodness for the Eurovision Song Contest, which allowed me to know right off the top of my head the capital of Lithuania was Vilnius!

I’m heading off to quite a few events under the design festival banner, which I’ll be blogging about.

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