Fresh Flowers

When I walked in the door of my apartment this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was how the lifeless stalks I bought last week had become wonderful blooms. They don’t have a lot of fragrance, they’re not overly attractive, but there’s something about them I quite like. Maybe it’s the extended period (more than a week) that it’s taken for them to emerge? Perhaps, deep down, I think it’s somehow analogous for something far deeper?

Apartment Flowers

I came home early this afternoon, as I’m heading into work equally early for the next few days. As I caught the bus in at about 5.45 this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone on-board seemed. Though later in the morning, people on the buses which go from Cleveland Street to Railway Square are often grumpy – people don’t talk and avoid each other’s gaze – this morning they were chatty and friendly. Maybe I should catch the bus to work at this time more often?

Jacaranda Tree – Oxford Street, Paddington

Many of my work-mates today told me they had a case of Monday-itis. Quite a few of them had come to work my birthday drinks on Friday (I showed around the photographs), and had continued with a range of social activity over the weekend. I also had a fairly memorable weekend.

When I woke on Saturday, one of the first things I did was write a couple of blog posts and ask Graeme to email me the photographs he had taken the night before. Not long after, I had a phone call from Colin who was having a problem with his computer. After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem over the telephone I wandered over to his place later in the afternoon.

And then on Saturday night, The Other Andrew and I went to see Kiki & Herb at the Sydney Opera House. Although I had booked the tickets on Andrew’s recommendation, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would enjoy the show, possibly best described as “anarchic New York drag cabaret”. Even as the show began, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would or could enjoy two hours of this, even though I loved the opening numbers.

But I did. I really loved the show. I loved the hardline political comment. I loved the way nothing was “off limits”, including – I swear – the deaths of Jon-Benet Ramsay and Madeline McCann. I loved the way Kiki and Herb played with a variety of musical genres. I loved the strength of their individual performances. And when Kiki attacked a group of very drunk people in the front row, I applauded loudly. “This is shameful that I have to ask you, but would you please shut up, and remember that you’re in a theatre watching a show, you’re not in a bar”, Kiki told the front row group which had been chatting throughout most of the show. As the audience errupted into cheers and applause, the group of women in the front row folded their arms and pursed their lips. For the two of the women in the front row it was a call to arms, as defiantly, they then continued to chatter throughout the remainder of the performance. Why did they come, I wondered? And why did they book front row seats? And why, when they were told they were annoying the performers (and presumably the rest of the audience), did they continue. Arrogance or booze? Or a combination of both, perhaps?

Jacaranda Tree - Oxford Street, Paddington
Jacaranda Tree – Oxford Street, Paddington

Hopefully in years to come my memory of the night won’t be over-shadowed by this terrible embarassing incident, when the show itself was so incredibly wonderful. With plans to visit New York next year, I would love to see Kiki & Herb again. This was just the kind of cutting-edge cabaret I would love to see more of. And when I heard on the news over the weekend of the Stage Hand’s Strike which has closed down much of Broadway at the moment, I mentioned to a colleague at work today… “It better not happen when I’m in New York next year”.

Although my social calendar for next week is looking fairly bare – aside from catching up with my friend Yvette for dinner at Mohr Fish (she’s never been there before, despite living in Surry Hills for a number of years) – this week is fairly busy. As well as ABBAMANIA on Wednesday and Fruits in Suits on Thursday, I’ve been invited to a BBQ/Thingy on Friday night.

Hopefully, that leaves me enough time to actually be at home to enjoy my beautiful flowers. Mind you, outdoors at the moment there’s lots to enjoy also, especially the Jacarandas. Although I believe they’re actually a “pest” in the true sense of the word, they’re absolutely beautiful, and particularly noticeable around Victoria Barracks at the moment. Oh and the Jasmine… it’s out already, though not especially fragrant just yet.

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