Always Say Yes

Hampstead Heath (G-Rated)
Hampstead Heath (G-Rated)

I woke this morning with not too many plans for the day, aside from a bit of sight-seeing. Unlike yesterday, the weather’s been fantastic. And although it would have been great fun to have done lots of the regular tourist things I got a better offer.

While checking my email, I got a Facebook message from a girl I went to school with. I don’t actually recall the last time I saw here, though it could well have been fifteen or twenty years. She noticed my Facebook status comment that I was currently in London, and dropped me a line saying “If you’re still in London, give me a call”… and so I did.

I was reminded of a comment from a colleague before I left who advised me “never say no”. She wasn’t saying being reckless, just be open to great opportunities. And I’m so pleased I gave my old school mate a call, and went up to visit her in Highgate.

She’s been living there for nine years and, although she has toyed with the idea of returning back to Australia, seems content with her life at the moment, and has no real plan to return just yet.

After meeting me at the train station, she gave me a brief tour of the area, took me up the near the old ice rink which affords a brilliant view of the city, and then over to Hampstead Heath.

I’d only ever heard of Hampstead Heath as places where George Michael and Kevin Spacey had run into grief, and which Julian Clary often used to tell jokes about. Obviously there was a bit of that stuff going on, as we discovered much to our horror as we walked across the countryside. Now, that’s a story that won’t be appearing on this blog! I hadn’t known, however, that it’s a really beautiful piece of parkland (some of it quite wild) which is a really popular tourist spot on the weekends.

My friend and I sat and chatted for a few hours about this that and the other, enjoyed a couple of beers, and generally had a great time. I’m really pleased I said yes, and I’m really pleased to catch up with my old school mate. It’s really helped round off the London experience.

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