Lovin’ The Tucker

I had a big lump of lamb for the second time in three days today. The first time was at dinner the other night. The second time was for lunch today. And my goodness, it tasted good.

I was invited to a mate’s place for lunch today. We often have a meal together on a Sunday, though it’s been a few months (obviously) since we’ve done that. We get together, we listen to some music, chat about our lives, and have some really good tucker together.

And today it was lamb. “I know you like it a bit raw”, he said, when I commented on how tasty it was. And added to the lamb was some mint jelly. And there was a side dish of cauliflower, beans and carrots.

It’s been a warm day in Sydney, one of the hottest so far this year, according to the news.

So after lunch I walked back from my mate’s place at Centennial Park via Oxford Street (Paddington), down through Darlinghurst, and then along Crown Street back towards home. It’s such a beautiful time of the year in Sydney.

Nothing much to report from tonight aside from a bit of television watching (don’t ask me what I’ve seen, because nothing was memorable), a bit of computer surfing, and some chatting on the phone. Don’t you hate it, though, when you ring your family and get voice mail? “Where are they?”, I thought to myself.

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