Mylene Farmer

Here’s a song I heard while on holidays which I’ve been listening to a fair deal since I’ve been back. The song is by a French singer, Mylene Farmer. Without oversimplifying, think Madonna, think Kate Bush, think Kylie, think Tori Amos. This song was the first release from her current album which topped the French charts.

Dead sexy, eh? This afternoon I’ve been listening to the album nice and loud (not enough to disturb the neighbours) and dancing around the lounge room. Ain’t life great?

The only unfortunate thing is I’ve discovered I’ve turned into an “arms and hips dancer”. You know the look I mean? You have your arms stretched out right above your head while you shake your hips in time to the music. I’ll be wearing little shorts next…


Otherwise, it’s been a simple day relaxing after last night’s dinner party where we “literally” sat up til dawn chatting about life, the universe and everything. “Do you realise it’s 3am?”, I said at one point. “Ah well, let’s go and get some ciggies” was the response. I didn’t smoke.

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