Mixed Bag

Near Customs House, Sydney
Near Customs House, Sydney
I didn’t go see Mark’s mate play last night at the Hopetoun Hote and I didn’t win Lotto last night, but I did manage to go out for lunch today.

Tom’s advice about looking locally – and maybe going to the TAFE across the road – was really helpful. I’ve been there before, and it’s quite good, but I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

When I asked around the office, one of my colleagues suggested a new coffee shop located between work and the pub on the corner. “I don’t know if they just do coffee, or if they do something more, but it’s probably worth a try”, she said. So I did, and it was great. A roll, a fruit juice, and few moments of enjoying the outdoors. And the people running the shop were also really friendly, which was an added bonus.

I also noticed a new little “handmade noodle” place in the laneway near where all those new apartments on Harris Street are located, so there was an additional added bonus in going there.

Gosh, I remember when that particular building was a homeless squat. Every day as I walked past it, the smell of urine was overwhelming. Now it’s all modern apartments. How times change.

The other bright spot in my day was visiting Circular Quay (which I love) and going for a walk through Hyde Park (which I also love). While walking through my park, my friend Sue called to ask how my day had been.

To be frank, I told her, it was a reasonably shitty day at work. Yesterday was great. But today I was confronted with some of the more complex details of managing a largish group of people.

Over a beer tonight I told Damo of my time many years ago working for Coles and needing to organise packers. “You had x amount of boxes that needed packing, and for every box you allocated x amount of packers”, I told him. “It wasn’t that hard”, I continued, remembering the quote of an industry guru who often says, “It’s not brain surgery, so don’t worry, nobody dies”. How true.

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  1. Bummer – you missed a pretty interesting show there. Not quite as interesting as someone’s dress getting caught in an escalator though. Have your cameraphone handy, ok?

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