Saturday Night

Watching television in October 1998.
Watching television in October 1998.
This time ten years ago, I’m sure I would have been excitedly getting dressed to attend Sleaze Ball. That, after all, was what you did on the October Long Weekend. Not sit at home just watching television.

And in my apartment block, as I recall, there would have been lots of “pre Sleaze” parties with dance music echoing through the coridors.

There would also have been large groups of men and women (often dressed in feather boas) wearing skimpy clothing making their way through the streets of Surry Hills on their way to the showgrounds.

Not any more. Earlier tonight I had the sudden realisation Sleaze Ball was actually on, something I’d completely forgotten until I heard some of the tell-tale loud music from somewhere down the street.

There was a brief murmur of music from somewhere in my apartment block, but obviously the people around me have either gotten older or have lost interest as well.

So for me it’s been a day and an evening of watching television, using the internet, and briefly going to the supermarket tonight.

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