To be honest, I’m feeling a little frazzled (is that a word?) about the spiderman incident. I don’t feel violated or anything, but I do feel a little uncomfortable. As well as the comments, I’ve received quite a few emails from people either offering sympathy or relating similar stories of having slept through similar incidents. And last night, I also had a few phone calls from people just to say “are you okay?”, which was really lovely.

Otherwise it’s been a nice day. I went out for lunch today with a former colleague who has also spent a few months travelling overseas. “We went to Mykonos and I thought of you”, he told me. We laughed when be both realised it was for different reasons. I thought it was the poof thing, whereas he meant it was for “Mamma Mia” (the movie).

And then tonight, I caught up with John and Graeme, as per usual for Wednesday night drinks.

So all in all, a very nice Wednesday.

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  1. BTW, if you have a sliding door, the absolute best way to stop anyone getting in is a good old piece of timber. Get one cut to length (or a broom handle if it fits) to wedge into the space the door slides across. So even if they pop the lock, the door is physically wedged shut. I have a couple of sliding windows and I’ve done the same thing.

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