Happy Obama Day

Thanks to the internet you no longer have to actually experience historical events in person. Last night I watched Obama go into the voting booth (for a long time) over a video stream and today, my friends on Facebook gave me a running update of their feelings and emotions. Read the comments backwards…

* Megan is wondering if Bowie is still afraid of Americans?

* James says rudd then iphone now obama. human evolution.

* Ed is proud of Americans… Yo Obama!

* Sue is amazed that given the bizarre US electoral system that anyone gets elected. Good outcome though!

* Andrea is thinking of Tracy Chapman. Finally the tables are starting to turn.

* Helen loves historic moments like these.

* Al reckons he’s no ‘Diamond’ Joe Quimby, but he’ll do . .

* Peter is obama rama day.

* Jodie is happy Obama is President.

* Katja is chanting…obama, obama, go, go, obama!!!

* Zoe is a bit over the rhetoric, but still pleased.

* Dionne is simply overjoyed at history being made.

* TR has called 46 states correctly – if Obama wins Indiana, NC and Missouri, and McCain wins Montana, I have a perfect score :)

* Wendy is delighted! What an amazing day!

* Georgia will try to reserve cynicism for one day in the wake of the US election results. Rudd in Canberra, Obama in Washington – let’s hope neither become Blair II.

* Kaz is impressed America … very impressed!

* Brigid finally thinks yes we can.

* Giselle is crying tears of joy – change has finally come.

* Cathy thinks the American people have done the right thing.

* Tim wonders where anti-Bush ends & pro-Obama starts. And vice-versa.

* Rina may be the only person on Facebook who cares more about the rights of smokers than she does about American politics. Could be wrong…

* David is happy that the US have embraced change!

* Amy is totally obamarama!

* Damien is watching America’s most historically significant day since 9/11.

* Erica is happy that Obama has won!

* Greig is wondering how long he’ll last before some redneck does him in?

* Nicola is very excited that the world is about to change for the better.

* Andrew is fervently hoping that Obama will win the Presidency of the USA!

* Shanthini is getting out the vote for Barack Obama. Last chance to join the rally.

* Julia is holding her breath. what a day.

* Gaby is OBAMARAMA!

And my status on Facebook???

* James has noticed the aschen faces on Fox News.

4 Replies to “Happy Obama Day”

  1. I just found your blog.

    This was a fun post to read.

    I’ve pretty much dropped out of Facebook. This makes me miss all the status updates!

  2. I love this post. What a nice, post-modern version of the vox pop.
    I was also thinking about Sam Cooke. A change is gonna come.

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