Name’s On The Door

As I’d estimate the crowd was about thirty percent Swedish expats or backpackers, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when the audience replaced the usual “more” with “en gang till”.

Still, I got a little bit teary as the crowd shouted the Swedish equivalent to “one more song”. I also found myself listening in to the conversations in Swedish and feeling a little nostalgic.

If you’ve never heard of “Oh Laura”, I’d recommend having a listen. Their songs are folky-inspired pop. The lead singer is wonderful. She has that instantly recognisable, almost breathy quality, that you often associate Swedish female vocalists with. She’s also “so terribly a Swedish woman” in that she plays guitar, harmonica and sings. It’s all so terribly “gender equal”, which I love. Very listenable.

Earlier in the night I went to the NSW Finals for Australian Of The Year. Glenn McGrath was named NSW Australian Of The Year, and there was a tangible sense in the room of it being the right choice.

Also earlier in the day I also went to a function to commemorate 100 Years of The Bureau of Meterology.

A diverse day, wouldn’t you say?

And you call this work?

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