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Premiere of the movie Australia at George Street, Sydney

Premiere of the movie Australia at George Street, Sydney

“Is it APEC all over again?”, I wondered to myself as I went for a walk along George Street tonight to see what was happening for the premiere “Australia – The Movie”. There were baricades everywhere. And as I walked along, it was evident there was a “buzz” in the air. “We love a good party in Sydney”, a colleague observed earlier today.

By this time I was already a bit tired, and I was toying with the idea of “taking a sickie” from Swedish class. In the end I did, as I came home and almost collapsed in exhaustion.

I don’t know why I’m tired at the moment, though I’ve noticed the pre-holiday “eye bags” have reappeared.

“Are you coming home for Christmas” a friend asked me by text. “Not likely”, I told him, noting it would be a little presumptuous for me to apply for more holiday leave after this year’s three month break.

Still, I’m thinking about my “next big trip”. I don’t know where it will be, but I’m thinking about it already. I picked up a brochure for a 56-day tour of Andes earlier today. It’s about $3500 (plus airfares) and includes a lot of bushwalking and camping.

While the rest of the world is encouraged to visit Australia (The Movie), I’m looking for other ideas…