Premiere of the movie Australia at George Street, Sydney
Premiere of the movie Australia at George Street, Sydney
“Is it APEC all over again?”, I wondered to myself as I went for a walk along George Street tonight to see what was happening for the premiere “Australia – The Movie”. There were baricades everywhere. And as I walked along, it was evident there was a “buzz” in the air. “We love a good party in Sydney”, a colleague observed earlier today.

By this time I was already a bit tired, and I was toying with the idea of “taking a sickie” from Swedish class. In the end I did, as I came home and almost collapsed in exhaustion.

I don’t know why I’m tired at the moment, though I’ve noticed the pre-holiday “eye bags” have reappeared.

“Are you coming home for Christmas” a friend asked me by text. “Not likely”, I told him, noting it would be a little presumptuous for me to apply for more holiday leave after this year’s three month break.

Still, I’m thinking about my “next big trip”. I don’t know where it will be, but I’m thinking about it already. I picked up a brochure for a 56-day tour of Andes earlier today. It’s about $3500 (plus airfares) and includes a lot of bushwalking and camping.

While the rest of the world is encouraged to visit Australia (The Movie), I’m looking for other ideas…

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5 thoughts on “Travel Bug

  1. The Andes sounds great. I’d love to go to Patagonia too. But camping? Not so sure. Mind you, if you’ve shared with sweaty europackers in hostels, a single tent will be positively luxurious! :)

  2. Hey Tom – I thought you were a country (ish) boy too? The only thing that worries me about camping is having to carry pots and pans in a backpack. I’m assuming/hoping, camping means a nice little stroll each day before arriving at a spot where lots of wonderful locals will meet us with prepared meals. The last time I camped was in Kakadu about 10 years ago, and that’s what camping there meant, so I’m hoping the same for this. Anyway, lots of options and planning to do, and decisions to be made. Or maybe I’ll just go back to Sweden in 2010 for Europride? And as for the sweaty backpackers? Well, they were all surprisingly clean, except for the one smelly bloke I encountered in Fridhemsplan STF in Stockholm, but I guess that was because it was an all-male below-ground room without windows.

  3. I’ve become Australurbanised I’m afraid. But whilst I’m perfectly at home on a farm I’d still rather have hot and cold running internet etc.

    Having said that a friend did the Andes and loved it – she had some hot South American boy provided by the tour company to lug her backpack around everywhere for her. :)

  4. Before the traffic was stopped for the event my bus stopped inside the barricades. With the grandstands opposite it was all a bit weird.

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