Cycle Tuesday

Streets of Amsterdam - cyclists and pedestrians sharing the way...
Streets of Amsterdam – cyclists and pedestrians sharing the way…

It was a long and busy day at work and I came home tonight absolutely exhausted. After a quick bite to eat, I’ve reclined to the couch. I’m buggared!

The one bright spot was chatting with Kate on the phone. She’s returned from China and tomorrow, she’s off to the launch of the National Portrait Gallery. There’s a portrait by John Brack of her mum in the gallery, and Joan will be part of tomorrow’s celebrations.

In other news, they’ve announced today we’re getting shared footpaths/cycleways in Sydney. In the absence of anything substantial to write about, I thought I’d share a photograph taken recently on my trip to Amsterdam which shows what this might look like.

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  1. Miss Andrea Avatar
    Miss Andrea

    In The Berra it’s legal to cycle on all footpaths, and there’s a well-connected network of shared cycle-footpaths that are often well away from roads – fantastic. Bring it on, Sydney!

  2. Claire Avatar

    Since I’ve basically been offline for a couple of weeks I only just read this post (normally I’m a regular reader).. But since I’ve lived in the Netherlands all my life and now study in Amsterdam, I can tell you that it is illegal to cycle on footpaths in the Netherlands. Luckily cyclist rule the traffic in the Netherlands, so there’s allways room for us ;-) I’m really curious how you experienced Amsterdam, since foreigners tend to be a bit shocked after visiting.. I allways think this is quite funny because for me Amsterdam is very normal (if a bit more leftish on the politcal spectrum than the rest of the country)

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