Long Day

Stockholm at night... memories, like the corner of my mind
Stockholm at night… memories, like the corner of my mind
Gosh it was a long day.

Two friends are in hospital (with cancer).

A friend has gone overseas.

I worked 12 hours today on a mostly un-newsworthy day. And in the midst of that, managed to cope with a fair bit of workplaces sickness.

At the end of it all, I caught up for a chat and a drink with a couple of colleagues after work.

Gosh it was a long day.

Stockholm… memories…

5 responses to “Long Day”

  1. Carol Avatar

    Are you still managing to maintain that post-holiday mellow (despite the 12 hour days)?

    I kept my post-hols resolutions (leave the office for lunch, *do* more stuff) up for a while, but I think I caved around about this point.

    It takes an iron will to keep it up, I think.

  2. Graeme Avatar

    …and you’re listening to ‘My Colouring Book’ too? What kind of wrist-slashing mood are you in girlfriend? What’s next – Shannon Noll and ‘What About Me?

    Fran’s hubbie sent an email to work saying she’s doing well. I’m sure Colin will be fine. The only was is UP! Get off that Barbie pity party and smile, smile, smile!

    What are you doing about sliding jobs at work? What about 2009? Focus, focus, focus.

    Was it Aristotle or Aunty Mame that once said ‘life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!’

  3. James Avatar

    I think you’ve misread. I’m fine. I was just tired! Show a bit of humanity and… (bloody hell). “Colouring Book” was tonight’s listening, not last night by the way. Get with the program Graeme!

  4. sue Avatar

    Aren’t we all! Our days sounded very similar actually. Heard Life Matters on the way home tonight and they were talking about “adult gap years” – thought you could tell them your story ;)

  5. James Avatar

    Carol – yes I have been maintaining it all quite well. Monday was the first day I was so flat out I didn’t have time to leave the office for lunch. You’re right – it does require discipline.

    Sue – yes every life has it’s ups and downs.

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