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Spotted in the back laneway near home...
Spotted in the back laneway near home…
It’s been ages since I’ve written about anything “discarded” in my back lane. Quite frankly, there’s been nothing for ages. People don’t seem to have been throwing things out. And then on the way home tonight, I saw an amazing piece of “art”. I still don’t know what to make of it.

Aside from work, the big highlight of the day was going to see a friend who is in hospital. After surgery, he’s doing remarkably well, and is probably coming home from hospital a day earlier than expected.

After a couple of long days at work, I’m a little tired, so tonight I’ve just been at home watching a bit of television.

There’s not much on the agenda for the week, aside from helping my friend for a little while, and then going to see “High School Musical” on Thursday night.

I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas, and I can’t believe my neighbours would throw out a piece of religious art a week before Christmas…

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  1. We’ve managed to get rid of a lot of furniture on the last month by the simple expedient of putting it on the footpath in Leichhardt. We have a lot of dog-walkers in our street, and every single thing has gone, even the old broken chair. But no religious art.

  2. She’s beautiful, I would’ve given her a home. Yes, I’m a soft touch. Good Catholic boy that you are, I hope you took her in.

  3. MH – you should have said you were doing this. I’m a total bower bird when it comes to furniture on the street.

    Cathy and Miss Andrea – despite what I’ve just said about being a bower bird, I resisted the urge.

  4. I think it would have defeated even you. There was a huge desk – so big that we’d had to take a door off to get it out of the house. There was a broken chair with stuffing showing. There was a broken office chair that regularly threw its users forward to the floor. Various pots and pans and plastic kitcheny things. But they’ve all gone.

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