Summer Breakfast

First Drop Cafe, Redfern
First Drop Cafe, Redfern

“This is our first taste of bushfire weather in ages”, I noted to my friend Pat as we walked to have breakfast at a nearby cafe this morning.

For the last few years we’ve had mostly fairly mild summers in Sydney, but there was a hint of the “bad old days” in the outside temperature today.

And as much as I try to be eco-friendly in all that I do, I actually turned the air conditioner on for a little while this morning to to give the apartment a bit of a “cold blast”. It seems to have worked.

Pat was only here overnight, before heading down the coast today. Lucky buggar.

We haven’t been to “The First Drop Cafe” for ages, but were instantly reminded about how good it is. The service was friendly, firm and fast. The meals were good. I loved my “Ricotta Breakfast”. The juice and coffee were also good. And it’s located in a really nice spot on the corner of Telopea and Baptist Streets, Redfern. About as good as it gets, really…

I’ve nothing much else to report. I guess I just wanted to try out the new interface for WordPress, more than anything :) It’s good.

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