Sydney View

Sydney as viewed from Kings Cross.
Sydney as viewed from Kings Cross.
The view from the balcony at Mezza Luna in Kings Cross Potts Point is pretty amazing. I just love how Centrepoint Tower gives the city view a surprising symmetry.

It was a view I hadn’t expected, as a few of us went out were very kindly taken out to lunch today by the boss as a very special thank you for the year.

And not only was the view great, but the food was too. I had a fettucine with beef ragu, and a chocolate creme brulee which were both very good. And the service was good, and it’s a great place. I’ve nothing else to say, really, except it was absolutely fabulous.

Aside from that, I’ve nothing much else to report, except that my friend Colin is now out of hospital (for the second time this week) and doing okay it seems.

For me, it’s just been a night sitting at home, surfing the net, listening to music etc. Hopefully there’ll be something more interesting to report over the weekend.

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  1. *sigh* Any mention of Potts Point and I get all nostalgic about my trip in March…

    By the way, that link you used had an error when I clicked on it… but Mezza Luna do have their own website

  2. Thanks Yani for the website link. I couldn’t find it when I looked earlier. I’ve updated.

    And how’s the shopping going? I loathe shopping at the best of times, let alone Christmas shopping…

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