“Do you think we might be dead?”, I said to a colleague in the lift at work today. She laughed in recognition.

Just five minutes earlier, there had been an influx of former colleagues in our workplace, and we both wondered if maybe some terrible tragedy had occured, and we had found ourselves in a different universe where everyone we had previously known had come back to visit.

There were two people who had left a couple of years ago, but who had returned in a casual capacity. There was the person who used to do my job who was back in Sydney for a series of meetings. There was another former colleague who I was about to have lunch with. The daughter of a former colleague who is doing some work for us. And on top of it all, another former colleague who had also left a couple of years ago called on the telephone.

Two dancers in seventies style clothing, part of a Seventies Festival at Susannah Place in The Rocks.

There were kisses and hugs everywhere, and for just a few minutes it felt like we were at some giant unexpected, un-planned reunion. It was a really lovely moment.

Aside from that, it was business as usual on my final day before I go and do another job (a bit of a promotion) for 6 weeks or so.

After five, the bloke who is going to be doing my job and I met for a “hand over” meeting over a jug of beer at a nearby pub. Now that’s my kind of handover meeting.

By the time I got home at about 6.30, I was pretty tried and so retired to the couch for a moment.

After a while I decided I’d give “Milk” another go. You might recall, I started to watch it last weekend, but fell asleep on the couch.

Well, guess what? I fell asleep again.

I can’t decide if I think the film is boring or not, or whether I’m just choosing to watch it at the wrong times. I’m gonna give it another go over the next few days when I’m not feeling as tired.

The weekend looks fun, with lunch at Bondi, then a house-warming, and then catching up with Kate on Sunday.

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