Messy Old Couch

Messy Old Couch
Messy Old Couch
It’s a messy, weather-stained and ripped old couch, but gosh I love it.

I’ve had this couch for about 15 years or so. I bought it when I was living in Wagga Wagga.

In the intervening period, it’s gone from “main couch”, to “sofa bed backup”, and finally the “couch on the balcony” that I hope the neighbours won’t notice.

Despite all this, it’s a nice place to sit back and relax after a long and somewhat exhausting day.

Especially since it’s been a bits and pieces day for me. I’m doing a different job for 6 weeks, which involves a certain amount of adjustment. Thankfully, though it wasn’t just a day of talking to the IT department getting everything set up. I managed to achieve a fair bit, which I was reasonably happy with.

And after work, I caught up with Kate and her friend Brian for a couple of quick beers.

And then I came home and had dinner. Tonight it was a salad of tomato, cucumber and BBQ haloumi, which was very yummy indeed. Unfortunately, the haloumi developed that all-too-characteristic “squeak” sound. Does anyone have a solution for that?

I chatted on the phone with a friend in Melbourne, and family in Lismore (it was hot in both locations).

And then I did some family history research, answered some questions, and posed some others.

And then I retired outside for a nice relaxing evening on the couch.

As old and as rough as my couch is, it’s still quite comfortable. And on a warm summer night, it’s a nice place to sit and relax for a while, to look at the sky, to enjoy the rustle of the trees, and to contemplate life, the universe and everything.

Of course, I could throw it out and replace it with something new. It’s a little bit “Cletus and Brandine” from “The Simpsons”, I know. But in the meantime, it holds lots of memories and it’s still bloody comfortable on a warm summer night.

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