Thursday Night Pizza

Crust Pizza
Crust Pizza
I didn’t mean to end up eating take-away pizza tonight, especially on such a warm night, but somehow it happened.

Grant and I were supposed to go to see the recently-released film “Angel”, at a film night organised by the Swedish Church in Sydney.

We were both looking forward to it, even though we had both read some awful reviews on the internet. The film-maker, Colin Nutley, has made some really great films. But this one, released last year, wasn’t rated so highly by the amateur critics on IMDB.

Nonetheless, we headed off this evening with every intention of seeing the film.

I’m anxiously awaiting the re-commencement of Swedish classes, and Grant is resuming Swedish studies for the first time in a number of years. For both of us, we were hoping it was a way to re-enter our language studies in a non-threatening manner. And besides, we had read somewhere the regular film nights featured films with English sub-titles also.

And that’s where it all came unstuck. As we arrived at the cafe tonight, we both understood enough Swedish to realise what “ingen engelsk texting” meant. “Without English subtitles” was a major impediment for both of us. As much as we both love and speak a little Swedish, it’s not enough so that we could watch a film without occasionally glancing downwards to follow the action.

In the end, we decided to meet Graeme for a couple of beers at a nearby pub.

And that’s how I somehow ended up ordering one of those very tasty Crust Pizzas.

Gosh it’s hot though.

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  1. I’ve become a bit too much of a frequenter at Double Bay’s Crust Pizza since I discovered it a few months ago.

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