Swedes - they are not all blonde, but a lot of them are!
Swedes - they are not all blonde, but a lot of them are!

I was looking back through some photographs tonight and I came across a crowd shot I took at Allsang pa Skansen.

It’s a television show screened weekly over summer, which is like a combination of “Countdown” and “Carols by Candelight”. It’s community singing based upon well known songs, both old and new.

Anyway, I looked at the photograph I took and loved it so much, I thought I’d share with you what some Swedes look like. They’re not all blonde.

There’s a fair bit of cultural diversity in Sweden, as the country has been very welcoming towards immigrants.

But it’s not as culturally diverse as Australia. And this pic is just a microcosm of a microcosm of the world’s population.

Anyway, thought you might find it interesting to see what some Swedes look like.

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