Glasses by Wayne Cooper.

Glasses by Wayne Cooper.

Catching the bus this morning, I noticed the young Asian woman reading a copy of The Bible, while the middle-aged Caucasian man in front of her was reading The Da Vinci Code.

When I went to get my shoes repaired, I noticed the look on the bloke’s face that said he didn’t want to repair my shoes even before I brought them out of the bag. You could just tell repairing shoes was something he hated doing, a sideline in his business. And I just knew he was going to say they were going to be unrepairable – even though I thought they were – even before I showed them to him. I’m looking for a better shoes repair man, by the way.

I noticed the blank looks on the faces of the people in the various shops I went to, looking for a mini coaxial cable connector, to lengthen the lead for my Foxtel connection. “You want USB?, they all said blankly.

I noticed the look of satisfaction on the face of the assistant who made my a “Hotdog with the works” at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. You could just see how proud she was to have put so much food on such a small bun.

I noticed the look of frustration on the face of the bloke in Bing Lee who gave me a discount on my mini coaxial cable connector, but then who couldn’t get me through the cashier, because the woman in front of me was paying off a plasma (or something) with a fist-full of ten dollar notes which needed recounting.

I also noticed the dismissive look on the face of the woman I bought shoes from, when I told her the pair she had selected for me were not large enough. “Can you try again to fit them?”, he she said to me, to which I replied, “No they don’t fit”. The look on her face was quite dismissive, as if I hadn’t tried hard enough to make them fit.

And I noticed the look of fear on the faces of other commuters on the bus today when a rather smelly looking shady character got on the bus looking for a seat on the way home. “Don’t sit next to me”, I could hear them saying to themselves in a Homer-like inner voice. Of course, he sat next to me.

All in all, I “noticed” a lot of things today. Possibly too much? Maybe it’s my new glasses?