Sick Saturday

I’ve spent most of the day in bed, due to the fact that I’m feeling a bit crook.

Maybe the lack of sleep this week has caught up with me? Or maybe the difficulty sleeping was a forewarning of a bit of illness?

A few other people I know are experiencing “change of season flu symptoms”, so maybe it’s just something in the air.

While other people I know are inclined to fill their bodies with drugs, I’m a bit more of a hippie, and when it comes to things like flu-like symptoms, I’m more inclined to hibernate for twenty four hours, to allow my body to deal with it, itself. Usuaully it works.

So my Saturday has been spent mostly in bed, watching a bit of television (mostly BBC World), and dozing.

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  1. I prefer the drugs. Any in fact. Panadol Rapid, Demazin, Telnase, Stilnox to sleep…whatever’s out there…including a broad spectrum antibiotic when called for. I try not to leave home without a mini-chemist in my bag.

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