So Cold

Another day, another discarded item.

Yesterday I mentioned the terrific sound system I found in the back laneway. Today, it’s a lovely sloppy-joe I bought at the Salvation Army store near Oxford Street.

And tonight I’m wearing it for the second successive night. Winter has arrived in Sydney (well, autumn really, but it’s chilly enough to start to bring out the winter clothes).

As I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, I figure the Swedes know best how to cope with winter, and so a second-hand IKEA staff sloppy joe, though made in Vietnam, is probably the best way of dealing with the next few months.

Ikea Staff Sloppy-Joe

I’m approaching winter with a bit of dread, actually. I know how grumpy, and downright unhappy I get when winter comes around, such that it is in Sydney. Yes, I know I’m complaining about something which isn’t that bad after all.

Last year I went overseas for three months.

This year I’m spending a week or two with my friend Sue (visting Darwin), and I’m currently hunting around for flights to Beijing (to visit my friend Kate who is living there at the moment).

I’m hoping the combination of both will ease the winter pain. In the mean time I have my sloppy joe from IKEA.

6 responses to “So Cold”

  1. judgeg Avatar

    Is that in good condition? It looks divine! I want one too!!!!!

  2. James Avatar

    Excellent condition, actually.

  3. Damien Avatar

    Qantas currently have a sale on: Sydney to Beijing for $983 return incl. taxes. That’s bloody cheep – I paid more than double that six months ago.

    The travel date range is from July 20 to Sept 22 – I think that fits into your schedule?

    1. James Avatar

      It does! A woman I work with has scored $1200 return (inc taxes) to NY in September. Cheap fairs abound.

  4. Tom Avatar

    Hey James… just in case you’re in the mood for some extra Swedish practice, you could always translate this… not that words are 100% required… :)

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Tom, that’s terrific. A bit of trivia: the female judge is Charlotte Nilsson/Perelli who has represented Sweden twice in Eurovision.

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