Though it’s been a few years since one of my “discarded” posts, I’ve been keeping an eye out for new … More

Ikea Staff Sloppy-Joe

So Cold

Another day, another discarded item. Yesterday I mentioned the terrific sound system I found in the back laneway. Today, it’s … More

A seemingly perfectly good Fisher and Paykel discarded in my laneway.

Domestic Sunday

I’ve spent 30 minutes or so tonight doing some hand-washing. Unfortunately my washing machine is acting up at the moment. … More

Crappy Desk

Discarded Desk

Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of desk I’m after, I’m looking for a new desk at the moment, … More

Amazing Lounge snapped in Surry Hills

Best Post Ever

Apologies, first of all, to The Other Andrew for another grainy photograph from my camera phone. Yes, it was taken … More

I loathe ironing, absolutely loathe it. It's boring and it's pointless. I mean, once you've ironed a shirt and put it on, you almost instantly need to iron it again. That's why I like a fair degree of synthetic material in my clothing these days.

Ironing Board

On the way to work this morning I noticed someone down the road had thrown out their ironing board. That … More

Discarded Microwave


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something in my “discarded category”. Maybe it’s the wet weather that’s stopped people … More

Don't work no more.

Discarded Stuff

I don’t think it’s “tip night” (one of those nights where the local council encourages people to leave out rubbish … More

Discarded Shoes

Old Shoes

As part of my ongoing effort to document the discarded items I often find in the laneway behind my apartment … More

The Old Fridge

The Old Fridge

I noticed this fridge in Wiltshire Lane over the weekend, and it was there again this afternoon when I arrived … More

Old Suitcase

The Old Suitcase

I’ve always been fascinated by discarded items, items left in the street for rubbish collection or for someone else to … More