Shops For Lease

Though there’s nothing I would actually buy from these shops, I’m quite fascinated by the pop up shops appearing on Crown Street, Surry Hills.

We have quite a few shops in Surry Hills that are now empty, largely due to the result of changes in retail (generally) and COVID-19.

In their place, a few shops have popped up containing a range of things you might otherwise find at garage sales.

Though I’ve looked in the shop windows on many occasions, including while I’ve waited for a bus, there’s nothing I would actually buy.… Read the rest “Shops For Lease”

Discarded Torso

I never cease to be amazed at the things which are “discarded” in my back laneway.

Yes, there are couches, fridges and all manner of home furnishings.

But there’s also been a wooden leg, some oddly constructed furniture made from 44-gallon drums, and now this which has a slightly S&M feel to it.

It’s an odd/interesting collection of posts I’ve been sharing over a number of years.

Worth a look, if you feel like wasting a bit of time :) the rest “Discarded Torso”


Though it’s been a few years since one of my “discarded” posts, I’ve been keeping an eye out for new and interesting stuff left in the back laneway of my apartment in Surry Hills. Sadly, there hasn’t been anything as “interesting” as some of the items you’ll see below if you follow the link “discarded”. That is, until this morning. Judging by the amount of material left on the streets, and the very full bins of our apartment block, someone is either moving in or moving out.… Read the rest “Discarded”

Second Hand Store

“Oh my goodness, that looks just like something I made in wordwork class thirty-something years ago” was my first reaction when I saw the shell-covered jewellery box in the second hand shop on Oxford Street late yesterday. On closer inspection, I noticed this one displayed a greater level of professionalism (you might say) than might have been evident in the craftsmanship of a 12 year old. Besides, I know THAT particular piece of child-craft (hipsters would love it) remains safely back home in Lismore.… Read the rest “Second Hand Store”


Although I know for a fact a lot of people in my ‘hood really hate it (our Body Corporate sends regular reminders the City of Sydney has regular pickups for large items), I really quite like that people use our back lane-way as a short-term dumping ground for items they no longer need. By doing this, hopefully other people might be able to find some use in them. At the moment, for example, there’s a couch that’s in pretty good condition there for taking.… Read the rest “Discarded”