Fully Sick

Discarded bar stool in my back laneway
Discarded bar stool in my back laneway

As I left the house I couldn’t help but notice the rather exotic looking bar stool in the back laneway. There were shades of “The Sound of Music”, I thought to myself, with the material looking like discarded 70s curtains.

“The chair underneath must have been REALLY bad”, a mate commented when I showed him the photograph later in the day.

I was on my way to a friend’s place to continue to help him organise and pack boxes ahead of moving house this week.

I was already running a little late though. I went to bed on Saturday night feeling a little sick. And even though I woke early, I’d gone back to bed for a few more hours to see if my health could improve.

It’s nothing serious, just a bit of a cough/cold/flu thing that seems to be going through my workplace at the moment. A colleague tweeted earlier that she too was feeling a little crook. Presumably something she had picked up from her husband who also works with us. She further noted that another colleague had been coughing earlier in the week.

Despite my illness, we managed to do a fair bit of work today, and it’s looking like he’ll be okay for the removalists on Monday morning.

In record time I made it back from his place at Hurlstone Park, via Ultimo, and then via Surry Hills, to Crown Casino where I had tickets for the opening night of a new production of “West Side Story”.

Discarded bar stool uncovered
Discarded bar stool uncovered

Unlike many of the revived musicals, these days, there were no “headline acts”. Instead there was a good strong cast, with an especially strong actor playing the role of Tony. He had a lovely voice.

Although I’m familiar with the music, I’ve never actually seen a production before. For that reason I guess I enjoyed it doubly, as it was something both familiar, but also quite new.

A good show, and a good production.

He stayed around for a drink and snacks at the party afterwards until eventually I began to fade.

On arriving home I couldn’t help but notice the bar stool was still in the back laneway. This time, however, it was sans cover. Underneath it wasn’t so bad afterall.

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