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  • Communal Garbage Rooms

    Communal Garbage Rooms

    Only in Surry Hills would you find not one, but two, “artificial limbs” in the communal garbarge room of your apartment block. Calling them “artificial limbs” is a little dramatic, I know, as they’re just part of a mannequin.… Read the rest

  • Fully Sick

    Fully Sick

    As I left the house I couldn’t help but notice the rather exotic looking bar stool in the back laneway. There were shades of “The Sound of Music”, I thought to myself, with the material looking like discarded 70s curtains.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Wardrobe

    Discarded Wardrobe

    As I walked to work this morning I snapped these shots of a wardrobe which has been literring the back laneway.

    I can understand why it hasn’t been taken away already, as it’s pretty old and crappy on the surface.… Read the rest

  • So Cold

    So Cold

    Another day, another discarded item.

    Yesterday I mentioned the terrific sound system I found in the back laneway. Today, it’s a lovely sloppy-joe I bought at the Salvation Army store near Oxford Street.… Read the rest

  • Sneaky Sound System

    Sneaky Sound System

    As previously canvassed on this blog, I’m a great fan of the discarded furniture and such that’s often found in my back laneway.

    At a philsophical level, my view is there’s enough crap in the world without adding to the level of consumerism by polluting the planet with even more useless crap.… Read the rest

  • Domestic Sunday

    Domestic Sunday

    I’ve spent 30 minutes or so tonight doing some hand-washing.

    Unfortunately my washing machine is acting up at the moment. It does it from time to time, regrettably. Normally, I just need to power down, let it rest, and then it’s back and fully operational.… Read the rest

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