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  • Discarded Everything

    Discarded Everything

    It’s been a while since I did one of my “discarded posts”. Hi Andrea! There’s no particular reason, other than my neighbours haven’t been throwing much out lately. There was a paper shredder, mind you yesterday, which I picked up on the way home.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Desk

    Discarded Desk

    Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of desk I’m after, I’m looking for a new desk at the moment, something larger than the one I currently have. I’m finding that with a scanner, and a printer, and an external hard drive, and digital set-top box, and other assorted paraphernalia, I’m running out of room.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Computer Screen

    Discarded Computer Screen

    You know how I often take photographs of crap people leave in my back lane-way and call them “discarded posts”. And then I rabbit on about similar items I’ve had on the past.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Couch

    Discarded Couch

    I was awfully tempted to hook the baby-poo couch to my back and walk it up the stairs when I saw it in the back laneway the other day. Although the colour is hideous, it looked extremely comfortable to my couch connoisseur’s eye, and I thought it would have looked great on my balcony.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Leftovers

    Discarded Leftovers

    You know what it’s like when you can’t find something. No matter where it should be, it just isn’t. I have this problem with the Foxtel remote, at the moment by the way.… Read the rest

  • Best Post Ever

    Best Post Ever

    Apologies, first of all, to The Other Andrew for another grainy photograph from my camera phone. Yes, it was taken in almost complete darkness and it needed some basic photoshopping, but I honestly couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the leopard skin lounge suite I noticed on Nickson Street the other night.… Read the rest

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