Discarded Leftovers

You know what it’s like when you can’t find something. No matter where it should be, it just isn’t. I have this problem with the Foxtel remote, at the moment by the way. So you look in the bookcase, underneath your bed, you check the fridge, you check the oven, and then suddenly you realise the only place it could be is in the garbage?

So you drag out the garbage bag, and empty it on the kitchen floor, in the desperate hope you’ll find it, but still, you can’t? And so you end up with an odd pile of crap on your floor and your precious item remains elusive. Well, I saw a couple doing this in my back laneway the other day. Of course, I respected their privacy as I walked by, glancing only out the corner of my eye.


A day later and there was no sign of the garbage bag, only an odd pile of rubbish. An electric kettle, a couple of jam jars, bits, and pieces. It was at that point I wondered if I’d gotten it wrong. Maybe they hadn’t been desperately searching for their lotto ticket, maybe it wasn’t their remote control they’d been looking for. Maybe they were actually scavenging, or were they perhaps going through someone’s garbage trying to find items for one of their student artworks? Had they left behind a post-modern statement, an installation, or just leftovers from a garbage bag?

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