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Amazing Lounge snapped in Surry Hills
Amazing Lounge snapped in Surry Hills

Apologies, first of all, to The Other Andrew for another grainy photograph from my camera phone. Yes, it was taken in almost complete darkness and it needed some basic photoshopping, but I honestly couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the leopard skin lounge suite I noticed on Nickson Street the other night.

I’d never seen anything quite like it before, and I can’t begin to imagine why you’d throw it out (or why you’d bought it in the first place), but I knew I couldn’t walk by without taking a photograph for what could be my “best post ever” (or at least in the discarded category).

A couple of weeks back Miss Andrea commented

your Discarded posts are my FAVOURITE. They bring to mind fondly the days when we scrounged hard rubbish collections on the street to furnish our sharehouses, and most items passed from hand to hand through generations of student houses, Birmingham-style. Today I still love a scratch around a good op shop or weekend market for clothes, furniture and odds-n-sods. There’s something fundamentally good about longevity and second chances in the face of built-in obsolesence. Keep your pics & stories coming. X

In some ways the post left me a little shocked. In radio terms, it’s kind of like when you spend hours and hours developing what you think is a Walkley Award winning mini-documentary, only for a listener to comment their most memorable moment of your broadcasting career was when you couldn’t stop giggling during the river heights.

But after some deep, thoughtful analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion these discarded posts are actually quite fun (despite the hours of thought I put into the others), and I think this photograph of a leopard skin lounge on Nickson Street could be part of my “best post EVER”.

3 Replies to “Best Post Ever”

  1. Surely best YET, James! The best post EVER is yet to come! :)

    Btw, I also like the real discarded posts that sometimes pop up on my RSS reader but never see the light of day!

  2. Oh James, what a find! I just want to rub myself all up and down that synthetic leopard-print until the static-electrcity sparks fly!! GrrrRRRRRRrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Giggling during river heights is, to quote Valerie, a magic moment, don’t you think? Walkleys, pshaw. They’re only available to some Union members anyway, as we both know. Keep the magic moments coming.

  3. Tom – I meant to write “evuh” not “ever”. In which case, it’s correct!!! :) And those posts, yeah well I sometimes write things and then realise how stupid they sound.

    Miss Andrea – Do you get the feeling Tom may have written to us both complaining about declining English language standards? :) Hehehehe

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