The Old Fridge

I noticed this fridge in Wiltshire Lane over the weekend, and it was there again this afternoon when I arrived home. I’m surprised that no one has picked it up by now, as it looks like it’s in fairly good condition, and nothing good normally lasts that long in Wiltshire Lane.

Maybe the fridge has “lost it’s cool”? If so, the owners could have just had it “re-gassed” or they could have taken advantage of one of those “cash back offers” from the likes of Harvey Norman. And the great thing about buying white goods from one of the major retailers is that, not only do they give you a better deal, but they also take the old fridge away.

That’s what I did about ten years ago when I bought my current fridge. Vividly, I remember buying it at the Moore Park Supa Centre on the same night I’d bought a new washing machine. While I guess I didn’t really need a new fridge at the time, I definitely needed a new washing machine. I had one of those machines that, after years of use, had become noisy and would often “walk” across the room. It wasn’t so much me as my neighbours who identified the need to replace it. Walking down the stairs one Monday night, and with the “chug chug chug” of the washing machine echoing in the stairwell, I overheard a neighbour comment, “It’s that fucking washing machine again”. That was enough to re-inforce what I knew I needed to do. And so I did.

Ten years later my fridge needs “re-gassing”, no longer as cold as it once was. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for another visit to the Supa Centre?

The Old Fridge
The Old Fridge

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  1. Go and buy a new fridge and if you dare take that one from the footpath I’ll personally throw it off the balcony the next time I visit! (If I can’t lift it myself I’ll ring Damien and he wil definitely come and help me.)

    The sofa bed that was there you SHOULD have collected – but leave the fridge alone!

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