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  • Ironing Board

    Ironing Board

    On the way to work this morning I noticed someone down the road had thrown out their ironing board. That makes sense, I thought. I mean, who needs an ironing board?… Read the rest

  • Microwave


    It’s been a while since I’ve posted something in my “discarded category”. Maybe it’s the wet weather that’s stopped people from throwing stuff out? Or maybe it’s just that time of the year.… Read the rest

  • Discarded Stuff

    Discarded Stuff

    I don’t think it’s “tip night” (one of those nights where the local council encourages people to leave out rubbish they no longer need to be picked up and disposed off), but there’s a hell of a lot of rubbish in my back lane way tonight.… Read the rest

  • Old Shoes

    Old Shoes

    As part of my ongoing effort to document the discarded items I often find in the laneway behind my apartment block, I present to you two pairs of discarded shoes. They’ve been here for a couple of days.… Read the rest

  • The Old Matresss

    The Old Matresss

    Casting out an old matress must be a dramatic thing to do. You spend eight hours a night on the matress – unless of course, you fall asleep on the couch.… Read the rest

  • The Old Fridge

    The Old Fridge

    I noticed this fridge in Wiltshire Lane over the weekend, and it was there again this afternoon when I arrived home. I’m surprised that no one has picked it up by now, as it looks like it’s in fairly good condition, and nothing good normally lasts that long in Wiltshire Lane.… Read the rest