The Old Suitcase

Old Suitcase
Old Suitcase

I’ve always been fascinated by discarded items, items left in the street for rubbish collection or for someone else to pick up and take home. This is especially the case with very personal items, such as suitcases. The suitcase I saw discarded on Wiltshire Lane, Surry Hills this afternoon, was a very old fashioned one.

In the era of backpacks and sturdier construction, this kind of suitcase is hardly ever seen in public anymore, especially not at airports. You might see them at the Country Platform, but never at Sydney Airport. It’s the kind of suitcase my mum used to store my sister’s wedding dresses. It’s the kind of suitcase that was often recycled from generation to generation, as a child moved out of home to get married, or moved away for travel or work.

It’s the grown up version of the “Globite Port” that I first took to school in the early 1970s. I wonder why they’ve thrown it out?

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