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Crappy Desk
Crappy Desk

Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of desk I’m after, I’m looking for a new desk at the moment, something larger than the one I currently have. I’m finding that with a scanner, and a printer, and an external hard drive, and digital set-top box, and other assorted paraphernalia, I’m running out of room. I want something as big as the discarded desk I saw in my back lane-way on the weekend, though obviously not as ugly.

I’ve got a great desk at work: one of the great advantages of taking a leading role in last year’s office make-over. Plenty of room to spread out, though not so much room that it ends up cluttered. And as people come into my office I’m able to face them directly.

Here at home when I’m at my desk, I can either look straight out the window to my beautiful tree-lined street or look sideways towards the television. But at the moment everything is all very cramped in one of those small computer-tower style desks. I’ve seen a couple of replacement ideas in catalogues over the last few months, but nothing’s really grabbed me yet. I want something solid, without being too heavy. I’m more interested in surfaces than drawers – drawers just get filled up with rubbish, though I wouldn’t mind some storage for business-type files. I’m prepared to pay $200-300. Any suggestions?

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  1. Why not go looking for a dining table rather than a desk… it’s all about the surfaces, no drawers, and you’d have all the room you could possibly want…

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