Discarded Computer Screen

Discarded Computer Screen
Discarded Computer Screen

You know how I often take photographs of crap people leave in my back lane-way and call them “discarded posts”. And then I rabbit on about similar items I’ve had on the past. It’s usually some crap old furniture nobody wants any more, but tonight I found something actually quite useful. I found a 17 inch computer monitor to replace my ten year old 13 inch computer monitor. Yes, seriously.

While I know I come across as being very “tech-savvy” and an “early-adopter” and all that, I’m also quite frugel, believing you should only really replace equipment when it’s absolutely necessary. That’s part of the reason why I’ve held off on buying aDVD-recorder (because I have a perfectly good VCR), and part of the reason why I don’t have the latest and greatest flat-screen television. It’s not because I’m tight (far from it), it’s just my way of doing my bit for the environment, I guess.

But tonight when I saw the computer monitor in the back lane-way, I decided immediately that if it was still there when I returned home I would bring it upstairs to see if it was a suitable replacement for the old Tatung monitor. And yes it is! I’ll keep the Tatung just in case I need it, but in the meantime…

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  1. Is it the birdsin the sky making that noise….

    “cheep, cheep. cheep, cheep..”

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