Crazy Friday

It was one of those crazy days at work.

I probably put too much stuff into my diary for the day thinking I could go quickly from one event to the night. In the end I managed, though there were times I had to ask colleagues to look after a thing or two (small tasks) along the way.

By the end of the day though I was buggared. Really tired.

And although I’d made a tentative plan to go to The Clarence for one of their new ABBA nights, I ended up spending the night at home in front of the television. I ordered a pizza. I bought a bottle of wine. That’s surely enough effort for a Friday night?

One response to “Crazy Friday”

  1. seven of us turned up. the usual ABBA DJ wasn’t there, so the bloke played the usual ABBA Gold and Hey Hey Helen. And one mega-mix.
    But – big thing for us – no dance floor! so we were a bit stifled cos Louise and Sandra had turned up in disco gear, ready for a boogie. We all wanted to jump up and shake it.
    We complained to the DJ on the way out and he explained he was a stand-in and they could have moved some tables for a space for dancing (they’d done that before). but that didn’t seem very satisfactory.
    a great nite of chat and catch-up, though. missed u! x

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