Crazy Friday

It was one of those crazy days at work.

I probably put too much stuff into my diary for the day thinking I could go quickly from one event to the night. In the end I managed, though there were times I had to ask colleagues to look after a thing or two (small tasks) along the way.

By the end of the day though I was buggared. Really tired.

And although I’d made a tentative plan to go to The Clarence for one of their new ABBA nights, I ended up spending the night at home in front of the television. I ordered a pizza. I bought a bottle of wine. That’s surely enough effort for a Friday night?

Author: James O'Brien

Born / Currently : Lismore / Widjabul Wia-Bal - Bundjalung Live : Sydney / Gadigal - Eora Also : Brisbane, Bourke, Renmark, Wagga, Perth Pronouns : He/him/his.

One thought

  1. seven of us turned up. the usual ABBA DJ wasn’t there, so the bloke played the usual ABBA Gold and Hey Hey Helen. And one mega-mix.
    But – big thing for us – no dance floor! so we were a bit stifled cos Louise and Sandra had turned up in disco gear, ready for a boogie. We all wanted to jump up and shake it.
    We complained to the DJ on the way out and he explained he was a stand-in and they could have moved some tables for a space for dancing (they’d done that before). but that didn’t seem very satisfactory.
    a great nite of chat and catch-up, though. missed u! x

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