Jackson on Crown

Someone has erected a “shrine” to Michael Jackson on Crown Street, Surry Hills. I noticed it this afternoon after enjoying a bowl of my favourite soup – pea and ham – at nearby Cossie’s Cafe. I almost walked past it, as a matter of fact, until it genuinely caught the corner of my eye, and that’s when I stopped to take a photograph. On closer inspection, you’ll see there’s a laminated pencil drawing, a couple of candles in a bowl, flowers and a Bible.

Michael Jackson shrine on Crown Street, Surry Hills

I think it’s a fascinating response to what’s happened. And obviously the person who erected this shrine obviously feels very strongly and deeply. Or maybe it’s a stunt by The Chaser with a hidden camera to see who would respond?

The papers are full of Michael Jackson today, of course. I skipped over most of the coverage as I’d experienced much of the unfolding story through my work yesterday. But it’s Saturday evening in Australia, and all of the television news services are still in rolling coverage mode.

MIchael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons on display at Versailles, France 2008
I took this photograph of MIchael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons on display at Versailles during my trip to France last year.

And what occurs to me at this stage is that you just know it’s not over yet. You just know there’s going to be some scandal associated with the death. You just know the funeral or handling of the body is going to be stuffed up in some way. And you just know there’s going to a messy court case about something. And how long until we see “Michael Jackson – The Tele-movie”?

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