beautiful sydney day

This is a live photo post from victoria park. Its such a beautiful day in sydney. And since i have a few hours off work this afternoon ive come to the park for a few hours of relaxation in the sunshine.


James O'Brien

AUSTRALIA : Born/Lived/Planned Retirement: Lismore; Lived: Brisbane, Bourke, Renmark, Wagga, Perth, Sydney; Work: Radio; Love: Travel, Genealogy, Sweden, Radio

  1. Victor

    I spent all day inside the hospoital being told by arriving patients what a gorgeous day it has been today and now I open your blog to read the same thing. Sheesh, we volunteers are pinned indoors slaving away whilst you ‘workers’ are sunning yourselves. I’m envious.

    • James

      Sorry to hear Victor. I’m working a split shift today, so a few hours in the middle of the day was such a treat. Hopefully you’ve had some time to enjoy the sunshine?

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