Curious Mix

Tsunami Warning - ABC Website
Tsunami Warning - ABC Website

“I’ve got to go. We’ve got a tsunami alert”, I told my friends at the pub.

At first my friends thought I was joking, but pretty quickly they realised I wasn’t, due to the rather serious look on my face.

I’d just received a call from a bloke from the State Emergency Service who I know and trust, and so knew it wasn’t a hoax.

At that stage, the Weather Bureau was predicting a tsunami for the NSW/Victorian and Tasmanian coastlines in the next hour or so, as a result of an earthquake in New Zealand.

Details were a little sketchy at that point. But by the time I’d gotten to work it was all a little bit clearer.

It was a rather unexpected end to an otherwise curious mix of a day.

I’d been to an event for NAIDOC week. I’d heard news of a mate losing his job. All sorts of things happened today at work. And then, just when I thought it was safe to sit around with mates for a couple of quiet beers – with the State of Origin playing quietly on the big screen in the backgroud – I got the call to go into work.

It was a curious mix of a day, to be sure.

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