Soccer Saturday

There was a reason why I had to bring a megaphone home with me last night: today I was involved in helping to put together a team for the World Masters Games, being held in Sydney in October.

My involvement didn’t extend far beyond carrying a few signs, recording a few interviews, and taking a LOT of photographs. But it was still great fun to get up reasonably early and head over to Queen’s Park.

“I’ve never been up this early on a Saturday in ages”, a colleague confided to me at one point.

Most of those trying out were in their 40s and 50s, were still regularly playing sport, and seemed reasonably healthy.

Along with the players were ready-made cheer squads who brought their own chairs, newspapers, and children with them to pass the time while their other-halves ran around the paddock.

Great fun… and no, I wasn’t tempted myself.

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  1. Is this my first comment? I have been reading for a while. I hope Sydney gives good pre and at the time publicity to the Master Games. Melbourne did not and it happened without anyone knowing much about it. By the time people realised what a significant event it was, it was finishing.

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