Stonewall Sunday

It was a reasonably inactive day for me with only three major highlights: I loved watching the UK comedy night on Foxtel, I watched a favourite old movie, Stonewall, and I had Swedish meatballs for lunch.

I was particularly pleased with the meat balls, or köttbullar as the Swedes called them. I bought some frozen ones from IKEA last weekend, and although a little sceptical about how they would taste when re-heated, was remarkably impressed. Along with them I made some potatoes and added some lingonberries which I also bought – in a jar – last weekend. They were really, really good.

Later in the afternoon I watched Stonewall, a terrific movie about the Stonewall riots in New York which are regarded as the “birth” of the modern gay political movement. It’s not as heavy as it sounds though, since the film has a great narrative about a young bloke, Matty who comes to New York to explore his sexuality. Despite being “the small town boy”, he actually finds his level of political consciousness and self-confidence in his gay identity is greater than those who are part of the forefront of the gay rights activism in New York.

Stonewall Movie

There’s a couple of other narratives going on which are also very interesting and enjoyable to follow. And the film has a terrific 1960s “girl group” soundtrack. It’s the movie, for example, which introduced me to the song “Past, Present & Future” later covered by Agnetha Faltskog on her CD, “My Colouring Book”.

So despite being a Sunday spent mostly on the couch, it was an enjoyable day nonetheless.

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