Thursday Thai

Curry at Prasits on Crown
Curry at Prasits on Crown

Aside from the parking ticket which Damo discovered on his windscreen, we had a really great night together chatting about this, that and the other.

Well, travel mostly. As Damo is just weeks away from heading to South America, and then to New York to run in the NY Marathon, and then he’s taking several months off work to travel across land from South East Asia to wherever he ends up.

And I, of course, am thinking strongly about my next overseas trip. My grand plan for next year is to travel to The Netherlands for the annual ABBF Day (held by the Official ABBA Fan Club), head to Sweden for Melodifestivalen, and to Oslo for Eurovision.

The plans are quite a contrast, eh?

So we chatted about travel and work and all sorts of things over a meal at Prasits on Crown.

I swear it’s been ten years since we’ve had dinner there. Back then it was reasonably upmarket Thai. Now it’s not as upmarket, but the food is just as good. Two mains and two entrees were more than enough food. And all of it was very tasty. The entrees, in particular, were pretty spectacular with a prawn extravaganza that was both visually impressive as well as very tasty, being the highlight.

Now that he’s living in The Shire, where the food choices aren’t as wide, I’m reasonably conscious that Damo gets to call the shots when it comes to food and dining. “I’ve got a craving for Thai”, he told me in an email a couple of days ago. And although Surry Hills isn’t quite King Street , Newtown, when it comes to Thai food, we’re reasonably lucky with several choices within walking distance.

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  1. Damien Avatar

    The food choices aren’t as varied down in Hobbit land, but there is certainly no shortage of thai restaurants!

    I just had a hankering for some good thai, and Prasits was as good as ever :-)

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