Visiting The Gong

The train really is the best way to travel from Sydney to Wollongong in my view.

The journey isn’t as beautiful as the one to Gosford, but it’s still reasonably picturesque.

And if you look at the timetable correctly, timewise it’s comparable with driving. Today it took me 90 minutes both ways. And with careful planning, I was able to catch the train, walk directly to my meeting (5 mins from the station), finish my meeting, go for a brief walk through the mall, and then catch the train back.

Best of all, though? On the way down I relaxed, went over some thoughts for the meeting in my head, and even had a 5 minute power-nap. And on the way back, I typed up my notes from the meeting, drafted up the follow-up emails, and had a further nap. Perfect.

Blue skies and the Court House at Wollongong

Oh, and I listened in to the conversations of some of the young kinds nearby. There was a group of about half a dozen 16-18 year olds chatting about their lives. It was fun to listen in to.

Tonight, by way of co-incidence, I caught up for dinner with an old school mate who lives in Canberra these days, but who also spends a lot of time in Melbourne.

Overall, a reasonably pleasant day.

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  1. I live just a block away from the court house. And I agree, the train trip is just delightful. I love being rocked asleep by the train basking in the sum through the window with some jazz pumping through my iPod.

  2. Hey Tyson – yes I thought for a moment you might have been in that area. I think Wollongong is such a great city. It’s just far enough away from Sydney not to be part of the urban sprawl. James

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