Crown Street, Surry Hills
Crown Street, Surry Hills

It wasn’t one of those spectacular sunsets. One of those orange and red sunsets. Nothing dramatic. Nothing exceptional. Just nice.

I came home from work a little earlier today than normal – finishing up at 4.45pm – and so I got to see the sunset, instead of wandering home in the dark, as I’ve been mostly doing lately.

It was nice to see, and although I guess I should have made the most of it, I came indoors and had a little lie down on the couch, listening to the radio until I dropped off for a brief nap.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends a bit lately, with something on most nights of the week.

Tonight, however, was a quiet one. What a relief.

Tomorrow I’ve got a trip to Wollongong planned, and then tomorrow night I’m catching up with an old school mate who lives in Canberra/Melbourne these days. Should be fun.

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