Exploration Sunday

Sam (and a friend visiting from the Gold Coast) and I planned to meet at about lunch-time at Redfern Station.

It’s just a short walk from there to Carriage Works, where’s there’s an exhibtion currently underway of IKEA Furniture.

Given my interest in all things Swedish, a number of opening night invitations were directed towards me at work. Unfortunately, though I couldn’t attend, as Damo and I already had plans for Judith Lucy.

It’s a shame because it sounded like a great opening, and quite a fascinating idea for an exihibiton…

The IKEA Home Project will mark the 30th birthday of the iconic KLIPPAN sofa, one of IKEA’s most recognisable and affordable items. A selection of acclaimed Australian artists are creating unique works which the public can buy. The artists create a one-off KLIPPAN cover in their own style, focusing on the theme of ‘home’.

Two time Academy Award winner Catherine Martin, Australian fashion icon Akira Isogawa, and Archibald Prize winner Del Kathryn Barton in collaboration with fashion label Romance Was Born are amongst the contributing artists.

Unfortunately the exhibition was closed today, which was a disappointment to all of us, and led to a bit of cursing from a nearby woman we had gotten chatting to.

So, we wandered around the nearby markets, had lunch at a cafe none of us can remember the name of in the back streets of Chippendale, and had a look through the facade of the Carlton United re-development on George Street.

I caught up briefly with Damo to pass over some computer software, and then came home and napped for the afternoon.

In contrast to last week which was incredibly busy, both in terms of work and social life, this week it’s just busy work-wise.

Tonight I’ve got a date… it’s a three some actually… it’s me, and two besties, Foxtel and Fischer & Paykel.

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