Four Day Week

Calendar for August 2009
Calendar for August 2009

At work today I got chatting with a colleague.

We both agreed we had a case of Monday-itis, mostly because we were both a bit tired from a busy social life on the weekend.

“The problem with a busy weekend is that you never have time to sit on the couch and do nothing”, I told him.

And that’s when he said to me, “A four day week would be great. A long-weekend every weekend is the way to go”, he said.

I actually disagree with having Monday or Friday off, as I’d rather have a day off in the middle of the week. You work a couple of days, you have a catchup, you work a couple of days, you have a catchup if my preferred option.

I’d love to have every Wednesday off to do some of the things I really want to do.

I’d love a day in the middle of the week to go out for lunch with friends without needing to go back to work.

I’d love to have Wednesdays to do chores that you never have time to do during the week.

It would be like having two Friday nights where you could go out with friends, have a few drinks, and not feel like you have to worry about the next morning.

What do you think?

As I came home tonight, I sat down for half an hour and went through a few things I couldn’t get my head around at work today and now feel much better.

But deep inside me, there’s still a desire for a four day week, though of course I’d want to be still paid for five.

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  1. I’m living the 3 day week dream already, if only temporarily. This comment brought to you by Tuesday, the first of my two mid-week days off!

    1. So you’ve recovered from the jetlag. I told Marianne tonight “Grant har myckett jetlag!”

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