Haircut Thursday

Even though Damo is now living in Cronulla he still comes back to Surry Hills to get his hair cut. It’s not such as strange thing, as I think many people who find a good hair dresser just keep going back time after time, as they know how to do it “just right”

I also got my haircut today, by the way, at the closest hairdresser to work. I used to do the same, travelling around to my favourite hairdresser, until the instruction became little more than “a number two over the top, and a number one around the sides, thanks” which has led me to being a little more “promiscuous” in my choice of hair-dresser.

I suspect, though, Damo has been going to “Surry Cutters” on Crown Street for seven or eight years, now, maybe longer. And obviously they do a good job, and so he keeps coming back. And when he gets a haircut, we usually end up catching up for a meal.

Tonight it was at Mille Vini’s on Crown Street. The service was excellent. The meals were excellent. The wine was excellent. We got a table outside which, on a reasonably warm night, was just perfect, especially since it can sometimes be quite noisy inside.

And it was important that we had some space to chat, as Damo is about to head off for six months (on and off) of travel, visiting South America, New York, and an, as yet undefined, route through parts of Asia. “Big trips like this will change you”, I remember saying to him at one point.

I’m not sure what else to say, except a lovely night was had by all.

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  1. Just catching up on my blog reading… I’m like that with hairdressers. I followed a rather nomadic boy round Sydney for my first few years here, then I switched to a local one and I’ve been with him for about 8 years now. Trust, respect…

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