Jealous Much

Graeme and Grant were at the pub tonight. Grant still seems to be suffering from a bit of post-travel jetlag, occasionally nodding off; while Graeme was speaking at a thousand miles an hour. Oh hang on, that’s no different to normal :)

One of the really nice things Graeme did was bring along some photographs he had printed from Stockholm Pride of my favourite Swedish male pop singer at the moment, Magnus Carlsson.

According to Last FM, I listen to Magnus Carlsson 9% of the time which makes me currently his greatest listener, percentage-wise at the moment. And that doesn’t even take into account listening via my mobile phone! I like his voice, I think he’s a bit cute, and I really like his songs, especially the Swedish language songs which I have been using as a tool to re-inforce my Swedish lessons.

Graeme and Grant spoke with a great deal of passion about their recent trip to the UK and Sweden, and you just know it was probably more enjoyable than perhaps they had expected. Grant is already talking about making a return trip to Sweden in December for a Peter Joback concert. And for me, it was really great to see some of the photographs from Stockholm Pride which I was at just twelve months ago. I also received a big hug sent on behalf of a mate who lives in the UK which was nice also.

As for me, the general plan at the moment is make a return visit in March next year for Melodifestivalen, leading up to the ABBF Day in The Netherlands in April. Though this trip is in the planning/saving stage, with a forthcoming trip with Sue to New Zealand there was a far greater imperative to go and renew my passport today, which runs out next week.

The new photograph? Older, fatter, but somehow a little more sophisticated wearing a suit, tie and glasses instead of the crappy old jumper.

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  1. I hope your passport photo does NOT have you wearing glasses as it will be rejected!

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