Corner of Baptist, Crown and Cleveland Streets, Surry Hills
Corner of Baptist, Crown and Cleveland Streets, Surry Hills

“There’s a distinct whif of Mondayitis in the air”, I said to a colleague as we waited together in the coffee queue.

At this stage, I hadn’t actually arrived at work. We were standing in the queue of a nearby coffee shop which has become an unofficial “staff canteen” in some ways.

It was about eight o’clock and even by then I’d picked up on the World’s Largest Case of Mondayitis.

After the greater weather this weekend, tonight it’s gloomy and grey. And they’re forecasting blizzard-like conditions for some parts of NSW.

It was unseasonably warm last night and I hardly slept a wink, as I tossed and turned with the window open and with just a sheet and light blanket covering me.

Maybe that’s why I had a case of Mondayitis? Maybe that’s why everyone seemed to have a case of Mondayitis today?

As I caught the bus and walked to work this morning, there was a feeling in the air.

You didn’t have to look at the upside down smiles on people’s faces. You could just feel it in the air that a significant number of people in Sydney would have preferred staying in bed today.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that we’re so governed by the weather (nature) is Australia’s most urbanised city?

Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by water, and because we’re made of water, we go through ups and downs, just like the cycles of the moon?

When it’s warm and sunny, there’s a genuine sense of joy in everyone. And then when it’s rainy and grey, we all become the same.

Sydney-siders don’t cope well with extended periods of rainy weather. We all get a little stir-crazy after a while, I’ve noticed.

I don’t ever remember feeling this way when I’ve lived in the country, or even in Brisbane or Perth where I’ve also lived for extended periods of time. I do, however, remember vividly the first time it rained in Perth after two months of living there. It was a Sunday afternoon when the rain first hit the bitumen, and in celebration I just went outside and stood in the rain and got wet.

Work today was quite good. A meeting I was apprehensive about turned out well. I achieved a fair bit, actually. But still I had a feeling of listlessness about me, which I put down to the weather.

Maybe it’s because Sydney is such an urbanised place, that our bodies need to react against it, to full embrace and be influenced the weather and nature? Or maybe I’m just talking rubbish?

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