I went to a friend’s house this afternoon to fix his computer.

Along the way, I stopped to snap a quick photograph of a house in his street.

Well, it’s not a street per se. It’s actually a lane-way. One of those great “back streets” that you find around Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Paddington.

And what I particularly loved about this house was the windows and the artwork. On either side of the house, there are naked male and female figures.

No, it’s not sordid. It’s art. And quite beautiful. And what a wonderful addition to the street. I wish more houses were as interesting as this one. Congratulations to the people responsible.

Poate Lane, Centennial Park, Sydney

Thankfully the computer problem was very straight-forward and easily fixed.

So after twiddling the knobs a bit we settled down with a couple of gin and tonics and watched a couple of episodes of “Beautiful People”, a really lovely English comedy I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Aside from a trip to the supermarket, some washing, some house-cleaning, and some preparation for a presentation I need to make at work on Friday, it was a lovely relaxed Sunday.

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